Selling In SummerIt’s getting to be the hottest time of the year and as the sun comes out, so do the hats, cold drinks and backyard barbeques.

Summer is the season that most Australians long for all year and a season where many prospective buyers are braving the heat to look for their next home. Here are a few tips to make your home more summer-friendly to prospective buyers which will enhance the chance of that dream sale.

1. Using the right colours can add that fresh and cool look to your home.You don’t have to spend lots of money on repainting the walls – investing in bright, summery cushions and décor, fresh fruit and bright flowers will give your home that fresh, appealing edge.

2. Open your windows and sliding doors. Although air-conditioning feels great, some buyers don’t jump at the chance of having to deal with huge electricity bills to keep the house cool. The design of some homes may not allow for this, but allowing natural airflow through open windows and screens, with fans turned on at a low speed, can really enhance that cool, fresh feeling to your property.

3. Make sure the grass and garden is tidy. You may not know it, but unkempt grass and gardens can add a claustrophobic and shabby feel to your property. In hotter climates, maintaining a clean, low-density garden can add appeal for those buyers looking to escape the heat. The best tip for selling this summer is to put on your ‘buyers shoes’ and take a look around your house as if you were inspecting it for the first time on a hot, sunny day.


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