I was surfing the internet and came across this article which I though I should share. It is always a good time when you move home to throw away that old furniture that you have been hanging onto for years and start a fresh if money allows.

Arranging Furniture in Your New Home – John C Cherry

One of the best parts of moving is the chance to make a new space all your own. In a manner of speaking, you can start over, even if you aren’t getting all new furniture. Sometimes, all it takes is a new furniture layout to make your home look and feel brand new. However, it can be hard to visualize what your current furniture will look like in your new house, so you might have to wait until the moving company have unloaded your belongings and left the rearranging to you.

In some cases, you might decide that you need to get rid of furniture pieces that just don’t have the right feel in your new place. You might have to buy new pieces that do. But you’re not going to know until you move things in and try them in different places. So, the first step is to get everything out of the room before you start arranging your furniture. Move all boxes, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous furniture that might or might not go in that room.

Next, consider how you are going to use the room. For example, if you are arranging your family room, are you going to be entertaining guests there? If you are, you will need to arrange the furniture so everyone can see everyone else while you are entertaining. If it’s just going to be used for your family, you might want all the furniture on the perimeter of the room so you and your family can have enough floor space to play games or other activities.

Moving Home How To Arrange Your Furniture

If you are going to use a room for more than one purpose, consider using rugs or bookshelves to divide up the area. In fact, you can even use a sofa or table to divide the room without disrupting the overall flow of the room. Make sure you think about the doors and windows in the room. You will want to make sure they aren’t blocked by furniture. You should also think about what the focal part of the room will be. This could be a fireplace, a unique light or a large bay window. You will want to arrange the furniture around your focal point so that the room looks finished.

If you aren’t sure how to arrange the furniture in your new house, you can always contact your movers to get some names of interior decorators that can help you create the house of your dreams. Article Source: EzineArticles.com

I always like looking through the home & living magazines for the great ideas for interior design, furniture style and placement. If you have any good tips when moving house please leave a comment below.


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